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Scenic Oasis Films Inc.
Scenic Oasis Films Inc.

Welcome to Scenic Oasis Film Inc.

Scenic Oasis Films is a sister company to Camel Productions and provides a complete set building service to television and film productions in
Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Over the years Scenic Oasis Films (formerly Save on Sets) has successfully worked with numerous art directors from many countries.

Our company is known for it's high level of professionalism and consistency in quality.


Drops For Sale

We are looking to make more space in our shop; therefore we are parting with some of our drops. If you wish to purchase a drop, each drop will be double the rental price seen on the drop rental page, with a possibility of a discount if more than one drop is bought.For a full list of the drops that are for sale please email us at or call 604-454-1330.


We have recently updated our portfolio to include some of our latest projects.

Due to the large number of items in our portfolio we have divided it into categories.

Click on the subject image that you want to look at or use the menu to go directly to your area of interest.

Prop Rental

We have a wide variety of props for rent from airplane seats to jail bars. If you need a prop for your upcoming project please check our prop rental page. We also make custom props so if you don’t find something to fit your needs on the rental page contact us with your needs.

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