Mai 2011

March and April were interesting months for Scenic Oasis ands we were fortunate to have the opportunity to build some unusual props.
Not least of which was a giant cereal box, standing over 22' tall and 32' long, which we installed outside the Vancouver Art Gallery for our clients DARE. A torture rack for a fabric softener and a wheel of fortune for toothbrushes! A mixed bag indeed.

We welcome back to Canada our President John Chilton who has returned from his trip to Africa, and before his feet touched the ground he was immersed in his latest project for Mattel and our good friends and clients Moor Gallarani Moore from California.

Despite the tough economic times we are confident of a bright and busy summer for the industry in Vancouver.

February 2011

After a Busy December and a quieter January, February has started with several excellent projects being completed for 'Coffee Mate' and  'Resolve' home products, plus a still photography shoot for Warner Brothers photographed superbly by one of our favorite clients Kharen Hill. Our grateful thanks to the Warner Brothers team from L.A. for making the whole process a pleasant one. Look out for examples of Kharens work on our web site soon.

London 2012 Olympics is starting to creep upon us already and Scenic Oasis is delighted to have begun discussions with previous olympic partners regarding next years celebration of sport.

Global TV will be hosting the annual 14th February Variety of Hearts show as they do every year, Scenic Oasis is proud to have contributed some of the set pieces and heart designs for Global and this terrific cause, hands in your wallets people and lets all donate for such a worthy cause.


November 2010.

Scrabble for Africa.

Jocelyn has organized a charitable event for Malambo Grassroots community development in Zambia, please join in. malamboscrabble(at)

We wave goodbye to John and Jocelyn at the end of the month as they take a well deserved break and travel to Zambia for several months to set up the ROSE charity and settle in to their new home. See you in 3 months? 6 months?


October 2010.

Lots of interesting projects for our clients, check in desks, arcade game boxes and 8 booths for the Interior Design Show at the new Convention Centre. Our thanks to Doug at Dado Design for the opportunity and Janine Love for the Ikea stand design.


September 2010.

Busy schedule particularly with commercials for our Clients.

We have welcomed two new members to our carpentry team, Jason and Justin, who have travelled from Calgary to be with us.

We are pleased to have been awarded a 3 set project with Global television providing them with 3 identical sets for Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.


August 2010

After a hectic and busy 2 months of working and moving we have a well deserved rest for short while.

We are pleased with a recent project for our Client Mr Pedro Romero and his SHAW “Together is amazing” spot. Congratulations to Pedro for a great looking commercial.


July 2010

A new venue for Scenic Oasis.

We have just taken over the premises at unit 48, 7342 Winston Street, Burnaby.

Completely renovated office space and a much more efficient workshop makes for a good move with happy employees and more comfort and space for our Clients.

Congratulations to Roberta Bassagio and her hard working ballet dance team for the production of Dali Universe in Vancouver and Victoria. We were honored to have been able to build the sets and props for her.

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