Scenic Oasis Films provides a complete set building service to television and film productions in Vancouver, BC, Canada

We are Scenic Oasis Films

Scenic Oasis Films is a sister company to Camel Productions and provides a complete set building service to television and film productions in
Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Over the years Scenic Oasis Films (formerly Save on Sets) has successfully worked with numerous art directors from many countries.

Our company is known for it's high level of professionalism and consistency in quality.

Our office and shop location in Burnaby, BC, Canada is conveniently located near all the studios in town.

About us
Scenic Oasis Films

We have extensive experience in scenic construction, painting, sculpture, model and prop building. Besides providing services for TV and film, we have also worked with many clients in exhibitions, retail, trade, display, still photography and theater.

Please look at our portfolio to see some of the work we have done over the years.

Our Team:

John Chilton


John Chilton: President and Owner of Scenic Oasis Film Inc.

The beginning of my work in film related endeavors goes back to '74 when I assisted the designer on a theatrical production of King Lear. This production was at the Belgrade Theater in my home town of Coventry, England.

Scenic Oasis Film and Camel Productions have supplied the local film & commercial industry for over 25 years and also worked with many American companies on projects in advertising and film.

In many instances our work is sought by architects, promoters and interior designers who are looking for the unusual or the dramatic. Some of our work can be found in shopping malls, McDonalds, and the University of B.C.

Our clients have included the British Foreign Office, Political parties, tourism departments of government, photographers, Oil companies, Ballet, Opera & Modern Dance companies

Camill Hasenauer

Shop Foreman

Camill Hasenauer: Shop Foreman of Scenic Oasis Film Inc.

A native of Austria, Camill studied Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering for 5 years and was apprenticed to a decorative blacksmith before coming to Canada in 2007.

Starting with another blacksmith in Valemount, BC he decided to extend his work experience and applied for a position with Scenic Oasis as a Props Builder.

Through hard work and application Camill is now responsible for the day to day running of the workshop and construction.

Mike Richardson

Head Painter

Mike Richardson: Head Painter of Scenic Oasis Film Inc.

Originally from Southern Ontario, Mike began his PAINT career at an independent Set/Design/Build company in Toronto in 1996...

After nearly 4 years with that business (including 3 years as their Head Painter), he began exploring his options with the TV/FILM Union IATSE and eventually made his way west, first working briefly in Calgary, then landing in Vancouver in 2007...

In 2008, Mike walked into Scenic Oasis and knew he’d found a company he could make something GOOD happen with, and later accepted the position of Head Painter in 2009...

Today, he continues to enjoy the playful challenges that often walk through the door, and looks forward to improving his product knowledge and skills wherever possible to better serve future projects...

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